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The Best Oral HGH is the Spray Sytropin

When the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) was identified in the 1950s, the medical profession was not only excited, they knew it was a major breakthrough in medical science. Researchers discovered that HGH was responsible for the growth of the cells and tissue in muscles and bones, and immediately began to develop a synthetic version of HGH to treat children and adult who were diagnosed with human growth deficiency. The medical profession used HGH from human cadavers to increase the level of HGH in these patients. That process was successful, but limited. Finally in 1981, the pharmaceutical company Genentech developed the first synthetically engineered version of HGH, and called it Somatropin. They named it after the cells in the pituitary gland that produce HGH.

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In 1985, the FDA approved Somatropin to treat human growth deficiency, and that opened the door for other pharmaceutical companies to develop similar injectable drugs that would increase growth in people who were not producing enough HGH on their own. When Dr. Daniel Rudman released his findings from a six month study on men over sixty in the Journal of New England Medicine, HGH awareness sky rocketed.

Dr. Rudman's study showed that when the men in the study were injected twice a day with synthetic HGH, they lost fourteen percent of their body weight, but their muscle mass increased by almost nine percent. Suddenly the market was filled with non-prescription pills that claimed to be the best oral HGH supplements on the market, but the ingredients in these over-the-counter pills got lost in the digestive process, so the right amino acids and other growth factors didn't reach the pituitary to stimulate HGH production.

Even though these pills claimed to be the best oral HGH supplement, their performance was disappointing. Then the oral spray Sytropin was introduced, and things started to change. Sytropin by-passes the digestive process; it goes directly into the bloodstream, and begins to stimulate the cells in the pituitary gland.

The Best Oral HGH Spray Has a Money Back Guarantee

Sytropin complies with FDA safety standards, and has a 100% money back guarantee when it's used as directed. The ingredients in Sytropin are L-factor amino acids, and other growth factors that impact the pituitary gland, so it produces HGH naturally. The body responds with more energy, a stronger immune system, an enhanced libido, and a decrease in facial lines and creases. You burn fat faster, which means you lose weight easier. The cells in your bones use stored calcium to increase their density, and cells in your muscles create more muscle mass.

For more information about the ingredients in Sytropin, the best oral HGH spray, visit: www.Sytropin.com.

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