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They say youth is for the young, and most of us believe that, and suffer through the aging process. Some of us decide to do something about our changing cells and molecules, so we do a little research on aging and discover that we are the cause of own physical demise. Our bodies actually activate the aging process by changing Human Growth Hormone (HGH) secretion, which stimulates cell and tissue growth. The anterior pituitary gland is the pea size gland at the base of the brain; it controls the secretion of Human Growth Hormone, which is responsible for producing IGF-1, and other growth factors that maintain muscle mass, strengthen the bone structure, and keep the skin smooth and healthy.

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When HGH was identified in the early fifties, the medical profession began to use it by injecting the HGH from cadavers into children with symptoms of human growth deficiency, and the results were well above anyone's expectations. Immediately, the medical profession believed that HGH from cadavers was the best HGH treatment, but in 1981 a pharmaceutical company introduced a synthetically engineered HGH, called Somatropin.

Somatropin was administered by injection, and it became the best HGH treatment, although no one really understood what the side effects of using this best HGH treatment would be. The FDA approved Somatropin to treat children with growth issues in the mid-1980s, even though these HGH injections were expensive, and even a bit risky.

Years later the side effects of these injections began to surface, and suddenly the best HGH treatment by injection was under a lot of scrutiny. New non-prescription products flooded the market in the 1990s when a study published by the Journal of New England Medicine showed that HGH was responsible for reducing the weight of male participants in their sixties by fourteen percent, while raising their muscle mass by almost nine percent. Suddenly the enhancement industry said that the best HGH treatment was in pill, lotion, and cream form.

Most Pills and Creams are Not Formulated to be the Best HGH Treatment

The biggest challenge these pills and lotions had to deal with was the frailty of the molecules in HGH, so they developed formulas that had some of the ingredients in natural HGH, but not enough to be called the best HGH treatment by anyone. When the oral spray Sytropin was introduced and then tested, users found that Sytropin increased their energy level, boosted their immune system, and added more mass to their muscles. They noticed a difference in their facial lines and creases, and they burn fat faster, so they lost weight easier. When Sytropin is used as directed, people call it the best HGH treatment because it stimulates the pituitary gland, so it secretes more natural HGH into the bloodstream.

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