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Human growth is a complex process that requires action, as well as reaction, from cells and tissue, and the interaction of different hormones to stimulate the body's metabolism. The major hormone that stimulates body growth is IGF-1 and the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a key element in the production of IGF-1. Human Growth Hormone also plays an important role in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, so it's an essential hormone that helps maintain bone density, as well as muscle mass. When HGH was first identified it was used to treat children with growth hormone deficiency, but in 1990 the Journal of New England Medicine published a six month HGH study by Dr. Daniel Rudman. The study showed that increasing the level of Human Growth Hormone in the bloodstream in men over sixty produced an individual weight reduction of over fourteen percent, and an increase in muscle mass of almost nine percent.

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Ever since then, researchers have discovered that the natural secretion of Human Growth Hormone can slow down the aging process, and it also has the ability to increase stamina and increase sexual activity in some individuals. Some of the benefits of HGH are still waiting to be discovered. The medical profession is using injections of Somatropin, and other prescription medications, to treat several physical issues, but these drugs are very fragile, and are extremely expensive, plus they cause serious side effects. Nevertheless the people who can afford to use them call the brand name they're using, the best HGH brand available by prescription. HGH injections are approved by the FDA to treat growth issues, but they have not been approved to treat other physical issues. Several non-prescription supplements in pill form claim that they are the best HGH brand, but most of the ingredients in the pills never reach the pituitary gland, so their effectiveness is questionable.

The Best HGH Brand is a Spray

Most external HGH formula's breakdown before they can stimulate Human Growth Hormone production. Even though they all claim to be the best HGH brand on the market, they either don't have the proper amount of amino acids in the formula, or they breakdown during the digestion process. One of the best supplements on the market is Sytropin.

Sytropin is an oral spray that stimulates the pituitary gland with some of the same amino acids found in natural HGH. People who use Sytropin as directed experience incredible results, like burning fat faster while increasing muscle mass, plus their facial lines and creases begin to disappear. Their energy level increases, and their sexual appetite returns.

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