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The Term Legal HGH is Often Misunderstood

Back in the 50's medical researchers discovered what the Human growth Hormone (HGH) did to the cells and tissues throughout the body. HGH is responsible for healthy cell growth and maintaining the condition of older cells. When the body doesn't produce enough HGH naturally the body doesn't grow normally. Scientists call that condition human growth deficiency.

One of the first things medical researchers tried to do was develop a synthetic HGH which could be used to supplement natural HGH production and thirty years ago the FDA approved a legal HGH to treat human growth deficiency. Legal HGH was first administered by injection, but the cost of producing this form of legal HGH turned out to be much more than most people who needed HGH help could afford.

Researchers continued to discover other benefits for legal HGH, and when Dr. Daniel Rudman's report was published in 1990, HGH became known as the hormone that keeps the body young. Men in their sixties in the Rudman study began to burn fat faster, but they increased their muscle mass and bone density when legal HGH was injected into their bloodstream. The older population suddenly found the internal Fountain of Youth, and the market was flooded with supplements that claimed to be legal HGH enhancers.

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The FDA however has never approved the use of HGH to control the signs of aging. Prescription HGH are only given to people who are experiencing human growth deficiency, so the injection form of HGH is not considered legal HGH for treating the signs of aging, but non-prescription supplements are considered legal HGH because they claim to enhance natural HGH production, which slows down the aging process.

Legal HGH is Not Legal in Sports Activities

HGH is not an anabolic steroid, but it does act like one. Anabolic steroids are all synthetically engineered; HGH is secreted naturally by the pituitary gland, which is a very important difference. Legal HGH injections are not legal in professional sports for a number of reasons. The abuse of legal HGH injections is a major concern because the side effects are serious. Liver damage, carpel tunnel syndrome, painful joints, and the risk of cancer are just some of the known side effects of legal HGH abuse. When the oral spray Sytropin was introduced to the sports industry the term legal HGH was better understood. Sytropin not only helps build muscle mass and bone density, it slows down the aging process.

Sytropin is a natural oral spray that contains the essential amino acids and other growth factors that stimulates natural HGH production. The results of using Sytropin daily are well documented.
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