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One thing that we all experience, but try to avoid is aging. The aging process can suck the fun out of life, or we think it does, so we spend countless hours searching for products that will keep us looking young, and sexually active. The medical profession identified the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) over fifty years ago; researchers found that HGH is responsible for all sorts of body changes. After the age of twenty the pea size gland at the base of the brain, called the pituitary gland, automatically reduces the amount of HGH it secretes into the bloodstream, and that causes our bodies to age. By the time we reach our fifties there's only a trickle of the best HGH flowing through our bodies, so our cells begin to breakdown, and we show signs of getting older.

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Researchers back in 1981 were able to produce a synthetically engineered Human Growth Hormone called Somatropin. The FDA approved Somatropin to treat children who were not growing normally. Somatropin was administered by injection, and was successful in stimulating growth in kids with human growth deficiency. In 1990 Dr. Daniel Rudman published a report in the New England Journal of Medicine that show that Human Growth Hormone injections were responsible for producing a fourteen percent weight reduction, and almost a nine percent increase in muscle mass for each aging member of the group. Human Growth Hormone injections were touted as the best HGH treatment to slow the aging process, but these best HGH injections were outrageously expensive, and were not approved for anti-aging use, so only a small segment of the market could use them.

The best HGH supplement does not have to be an injection

The biggest challenge that researchers deal with is identifying a supplement that can act as the best HGH supplement without a prescription. HGH is very fragile and decomposes quickly, and when it is administered in lotion and pill form most of the ingredients never reach the pituitary gland, due to the digestive process. In order to produce a supplement that can deliver enough ingredients to the pituitary so HGH secretion can be increased, the digestive system needs to be bypassed. Until now, there were no options, but now there is Sytropin.

Sytropin oral spray delivers some of the same amino acids that are found in natural HGH through the lining of the mouth, and it does it without side effects. Sytropin stimulates natural Human Growth Hormone production when it is used as directed. Wrinkles and facial lines begin to disappear, your energy level increases, and your immune system becomes stronger, plus your sexual appetite is enhanced, especially if you're experiencing the signs of aging.

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