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The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that's naturally secreted by the pituitary gland. As we age the production of HGH changes, and the results of that change are dramatic. We call those changes the signs of aging and most of us do everything we can to avoid aging symptoms, which are a side effect of HGH deficiency. In an attempt to develop an anti-aging treatment, the pharmaceutical industry developed a synthetically engineered version of HGH, called Somatropin in the 1980s.

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Those early injections were successful, but expensive, so drugs like Somatropin are still used today to treat growth issues in children, as well as in adults. Some of the other benefits of HGH injections became obvious to the general public in the 1990s when a report was published by the Journal of New England Medicine.

The report was based on a six month study developed by Dr. Daniel Rudman. Rudman discovered that men over sixty who were injected with synthetic HGH twice a day lost fourteen percent of their body weight, but their muscle mass increased by almost nine percent.

Immediately, HGH injections were called the best HGH on the market to stop the aging process. The only dilemma was the cost of the injections, and all the side effects that manifest from the injections. As research continues, more side effects like diabetes, heart issues and other serious health issues are being linked to HGH injections. HGH injections may not the best HGH on the market for slowing down the aging process and it's illegal to use those drugs without a prescription.

The Best HGH on the Market Contains the Right Amino Acids to Stimulate the Pituitary Gland

The fear and the difficulty associated with HGH injections prompted other companies to develop and market the best HGH on the market in pill form, but due to fragile nature of the amino acids in HGH, pills can't deliver enough ingredients to be effective. The ingredients in pills break down during the digestive process, so very little is left to increase the natural production of HGH.

One product that does contain the right amino acids and growth factors to stimulate the pituitary gland is the oral spray, Sytropin. When Sytropin enters the body it sends messages to pituitary gland, so it secretes more HGH into the bloodstream. When Sytropin is used as directed, the body begins to burn fat faster, there's an increase in muscle mass and bone density, and facial creases and lines begin to disappear. People who use Sytropin have more energy, and their sexual appetite returns.

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