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The Best HGH Injections May Not be Your Personal Fountain of Youth

Chasing the Fountain of Youth can be a dangerous adventure if you choose to experiment with HGH injections without doing some research first. HGH injections were originally approved by the FDA to treat human growth deficiency in children, but when a report was published by the Journal of New England Medicine in 1990, interest in finding the best HGH injections sky rocketed. The report was written by Dr. Daniel Rudman after he did a six month study on men over sixty. When they were injected with synthetic HGH two times a day, he discovered that the average weight loss in the group was over fourteen percent, and at the same time muscle mass increased by almost nine percent.

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The first and what some professional say are the best HGH injections come from the drug Somatropin, which contains synthetic versions of the amino acids and growth factors that are found in natural HGH. Once Somatropin hit the market, drugs like Norditropin, Genotropin and Saizen were introduced by different pharmaceutical companies, and they all claimed to be the best HGH injections you could buy with a prescription.

A Chinese chemical company also produced a version of HGH, and it is marketed under the name Jintropin. Jintropin is considered a counterfeit brand, and is not a reputable replacement for the best HGH injections that are available from US pharmaceutical companies. There has been so much hype about HGH injections that finding the best HGH injections available can be costly, and you may suffer some nasty side effects.

The Best HGH Injections May Not be What You Think They Are

The Federal Government is working overtime to stop companies from marketing what they call the best HGH injections over the Internet, because they are fake products, which can cause serious side effects. Anyone website that offers the best HGH injections without a prescription are selling those products illegally, and they are usually worthless in terms of HGH benefits.

If you want to increase the level of HGH in your bloodstream, try Sytropin oral spray. Sytropin contains some of the same amino acids and growth factors that are found in natural HGH. When Sytropin enters the bloodstream it sends chemical messages to the pituitary gland, and HGH secretion increases throughout the body.

When Sytropin is used as directed you begin to build muscle mass, you burn fat faster, and your energy level increases. Facial creases and wrinkles begin to disappear, and your sex life returns. Sytropin has a ninety day guarantee, and it complies with FDA safety standards.

For more information about the amino acids in Sytropin, visit: www.Sytropin.com.

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