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The Best HGH Pills Can Be Deceiving

When the general public became aware of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) back in the early 1990s, there was a lot of confusion about HGH and its benefits. Most of the stories about HGH were based on a 1990 article written in the Journal of New England Medicine. The article was written by Dr. Daniel Rudman and it revealed his findings from a six month study of men over sixty, who used HGH injections. The men in the study lost an average of fourteen percent of their body weight, but their muscle mass increased by almost nine percent. Almost immediately the anti-aging market was filled with the best HGH pills, even though those pills didn't contain the same ingredients found in the injections.

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In fact the natural hormone HGH is so fragile, it can't be duplicated in pill form. Even the ingredients in the injections can break down if they are not stored at the right room temperature. In the 1980s, the FDA approved the drug Somatropin and similar prescription drugs to stimulate growth in children who have the condition known as human growth deficiency, and they are all administered by injection.

People who want to stop the aging process have turned to HGH because some of benefits of using the synthetically engineered versions of HGH include: A reduction in facial wrinkles and creases, a boost in the energy level, and a stronger immune system. The body burns fat faster while there's an increase in muscle mass and bone density. Based on the success of HGH injections, non-prescription companies developed formulas that duplicated some of the amino acids found in natural HGH and started to market them as the best HGH pills on the market.

These so-called best HGH pills did little to increase HGH levels in the bloodstream, but people buy them anyway because of the misunderstanding and confusion that surrounds the hormone known as the Human Growth Hormone.

Some of the Best HGH Pills Only Contain Some Beneficial Ingredients

Some companies still market their formula as the best HGH pills, but they don't contain enough of the right amino acids, or growth factors to stimulate natural HGH production, but there is one product that does deliver messages to the pituitary gland, so it increases the production of HGH naturally.

The oral spray Sytropin contains some of the same amino acids and growth factors found in natural HGH. When there's enough Sytropin in the bloodstream the pituitary gland is stimulated, and natural HGH secretion increases. People who use Sytropin as directed gain muscle mass, lose weight, boost their immune system, and facial wrinkles and creases begin to disappear.

For more information about the ingredients in Sytropin, and to read reviews from Sytropin users, visit: www.Sytropin.com.

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