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When Human Growth Hormone (HGH) was identified as the substance in the body that is responsible for the growth of the cells and tissue, the medical profession immediately went to work. Researchers tried to find a way to boost the level of HGH in the bloodstream, so children who had symptoms of human growth deficiency could grow normally. The first and the best injectable HGH used in the 1950s came from cadavers, but obtaining HGH from dead bodies was an arduous task, and there wasn't enough available to treat all the cases of growth deficiency. Finally in 1981 Genentech, a pharmaceutical company that was researching HGH, developed a synthetically engineered version of the 191 amino acids found in HGH, and the first best injectable HGH was born and named Somatropin.

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The FDA approved Somatropin in 1985 to treat human growth deficiency, and that lead the way for other pharmaceutical companies to produce their version of the best injectable HGH. These prescription drugs are called different names, but they all are formulated to increase the level of HGH in the bloodstream. Some of the trade names for these best injectable HGH treatments are: Genotropin®, Humatrope®, Norditropin®, Nutropin®, Saizen® and Serostim. They all work the same way, and they all are expensive, but some of these products have come down in price. Jintropin, a product produced by a Chinese company is a fake, and should not be considered a viable or practical alternative to the reputable brands.

The Best Injectable HGH Medications Can Cause Side Effects

Even though the medical profession calls these FDA approved drugs the best injectable HGH treatments, there is a down side to using them. Most people who use prescription medications to slow down the aging process call them a financial burden. The side effects associated with these best injectable HGH treatments include, headaches, vomiting, muscle and joint pain, swelling of the hands and feet, rapid heartbeat, and other serious health conditions. Anyone who sells or uses these best injectable HGH treatments without a prescription is breaking the law.

The side effects and the expense of using these best injectable HGH treatments prompted more research and other products were developed to increase the natural secretion of HGH. The oral spray Sytropin was developed using some of the same amino acids and growth factors found in natural HGH, so when it enters the bloodstream it stimulates the pituitary gland. When there's enough Sytropin in the body, muscle mass increases, facial lines and creases begin to fade, and the immune system is fortified.

For more information about the ingredients in Sytropin, visit: www.Sytropin.com.

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