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What Researchers Say

Dr. Tory Hagen, in Mitochondrial Decay in Aging.
“We’re finding – and others are, too – that the R(+)-form – the natural form – is much more powerful than the racemic mixture ... Hopefully ... companies are going to be producing on more of a clinical scale the R(+)-form of lipoic acid, because we’re finding very significant effects using this, as opposed to the racemic mixture.”

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Dr. Ryan Streeper and colleagues, in The American Journal of Physiology.
“We have presented in this study new information indicating that this enhancement of glucose metabolism is sterospecific, with the R(+)-enantiomer being much more effective than the S(-)- enantiomer.”

Dr. Bruce Ames, in Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.
“Lipoic acid sold in a health food store is a synthetic mixture, a racemic mixture. And R[+]- is the natural form and S[-]- is an unnatural one ... And in our hands R[+]-works and S[-]- doesn’t.”

Dr. Lester Packer and colleagues, in Free Radical Biology and Medicine.
“R[+]-LA [that is, R(+)-lipoic acid], and not a racemic mixture of R[+]-and S[-]- LA, should be considered a choice for therapeutic applications.”

Dr. Guido Zimmer and colleagues, in Methods in Enzymoogy.
“The S[-]-enantiomer … part of the racemate, which is present as about a 50% impurity, needs to be eliminated.”

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