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Glucose Metabolism

To function properly, cells need a steady fuel supply. Blood sugar is the key fuel for most cells in the body, and the body produces the hormone insulin precisely in order to help get energy to the cells that need it. Insulin is like a "key" that turns on the glucose transport "ignition" (insulin receptor) which is located on the surface of the cell.

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 Glucose Metabolism

When the "key" (insulin) activates the "ignition" (the insulin receptor), it turns on the engines of the "tanker trucks" (GLUcose Transporters, or GLUTs) that do the work of hauling glucose (blood sugar) out of your bloodstream and into your cells. So to get your cells the energy they need - and to keep blood sugar from building up to dangerously high levels - insulin has to tell your cells to take up blood sugar … and the cell also has to listen to the signal, and mobilize the GLUT transporters.

 Glucose The system is efficient and remarkably adaptable, but it has its limits. The fact is that there's only so much blood sugar that your cells can take in at a time. And as soaring rates of diabetes show, North Americans have been overtaxing those limits for generations. Our fast-paced lifestyles and processed-food diets cause most of us to take in more Calories and, especially, more carbohydrate than our bodies can handle. After years of being asked, by insulin, to take in more glucose than they can use, eventually your cells stop responding properly to insulin's signal.

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