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Before I tried your product, I felt like I was starving, after just a few weeks on any diet. I usually couldn't stay on any program for more than four weeks without having a serious binge session. I don't know why, but on Carbinator I just don't get hungry. I've made it to the six week mark so far, I've lost 17 pounds and I'm still not starving!

-- Rick L.
Louisville, KT

Don't know why, don't care - but I'm just not as hungry since I started taking Carbinator. I've lost 12 pounds so far, but that doesn't matter. I'm not worried about crash dieting anymore. I'm eating what I want, I still have my cookies, but to my amazement, the weight keeps coming off. Because it's slow and steady, this time I know it will stay off for good!

-- Pamela T.
Amherst, NY

Every time I went on a diet I felt like I had no energy. In reading your website, and carefully looking at the foods I was eating, I realized why my diets failed. My sugar levels were out of whack! I know it's not good for me, but I'm a serious pasta fan. Carbinator has helped regulate my glucose levels, and not only did I lose 9 pounds in three weeks, but I have more energy than ever before.

-- Rita B.
Spring Hill, FL

Because of work, I have to eat out frequently and quickly. Most restaurants are not very helpful to people that are on a reduced carb diet. Thanks to Carbinator I can take two tablets before I go into the restaurant, and eat a regular meal and not worry about "going off" my diet. Thank you Carbinator - I'm finally staying on my diet, and I'm really losing weight!

-- Dr. Wayne S.
Charlotte, NC

I'm so glad I tried your product. Finally I'm comfortably losing weight. Many of the other weight loss products I tried had Ephedra in them which made me feel jittery. It felt like there was a constant and uncomfortable buzzing. I've been using your product for four weeks now and NO JITTERS! Oh - My friends in the lunch room just started using your Carbinator product and love it too!

-- Judy W.
Columbus, OH

I've been using Carbinator for just over a month now. I've lost seven pounds so far despite the fact that I also quit smoking. I was really afraid that I would gain weight like my friends who quit smoking. On top of that I have low blood sugar, so when ever I eat anything I get rapid changes in my energy levels, giving me that up-and-down yo-yo feeling which I don't like. Carbinator has evened out my energy levels, and I'm genuinely not as hungry and food isn't the worry I thought it would be when I quit smoking. Thanks!

-- Cars M.
Guttenberg, NJ

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