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How Does Carbinator 24/7 Compare to other Weight Loss Supplements

With so many fat burners and weigh loss supplements on the market, it is hard to figure out which ones have legitimate benefits. From our research, you can buy much cheaper supplements than Carbinator 24/7, but you will not find a better weight loss supplement than Carbinator 24/7.

Weight loss products fall into one of two general categories...

High Intensity Thermogenic Fat Burners

Products in this category attempt to work by raising the body temperature and getting the body to work harder. The idea is, if your body is operating hotter and harder, you will burn more calories. These products tend to have large amounts of potentially harmful stimulants and only produce short term results. Think of it this way - when you have a fever, you often lose weight. You have reduced appetite and your body is running hot, so calories are burned quickly. However, we all know that any weight loss from a fever is short lived. Our body can not run hot and hard all the time, and when the body temperature returns to normal, the pounds we lost start to come back.

Carb Inhibitors and Appetite Suppressants

Products in this category attempt to alter the way our body processes sugars and stores fat. By forcing the body to either burn carbs for energy or excrete them as waste, these supplements minimize the ability of the body to store carbs as fat. With reduced fat comes reduction in overall weight. Carbinator 24/7 falls into this category.

We believe this category of weight loss supplements is the most effective.

Rather than running the body hot and hard, you work with your body to better utilize the carbs that you eat. In addition to promoting weight loss, these products help regulate blood sugar levels so you have better energy throughout the day. These products tend to be safer and have better long term results.

Okay, but how do I compare different products in the Carb Inhibitors and Appetite Suppressants category?

The first ingredient you must look for is the Phase 2® brand Starch Neutralizer. Phase 2® is a patented white kidney bean extract produced by Pharmachem Laboratories - a large pharmaceutical company. While many products can make claims, Phase 2® is the only carb inhibitor that was shown in a double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial at the University of Scranton to help reduce the absorption of starch calories by an average of 66%.

There are many "carb blockers" on the market that list "white kidney bean extract" as an ingredient and then make claims about being "clinically proven to reduce absorption of carbs". These products are not legitimate. The only form of white kidney bean extract that has been clinically tested to be effective and safe is Phase 2®.

Great, so I just need to look for the cheapest product that contains Phase 2®?

If only life was that easy. We are well aware that there are cheaper products than Carbinator 24/7 that contain Phase 2®. While Phase 2® is a necessary starting point for any effective weight loss supplement, it is just one piece to the weight loss puzzle. Phase 2® works against starch digestion that takes place due to stomach acids, however, it does not prevent the saliva from breaking down starch. For this reason, it is essential that a good carb inhibitor also include Wheat Amylase Inhibitor. This supplement can prevent human salivary amylase from converting carbs to sugars.

The other element we feel is very important in a carb inhibitor, is the ability to balance blood sugar levels. If our blood sugar levels spike up, we can get craving and have energy crashes when the blood sugar levels come back down. We love the fact that Carbinator 24/7 also includes Banaba leaf extract and vanadium to help control blood sugar and insulin levels.

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Sounds like Carbinator 24/7 has the right formula to promote weight loss - does it really work?

Yes, Carbinator 24/7 really does have the best formulation on the market. In addition to having all the right ingredients, they also have the right quantities. The Doctors behind Carbinator 24/7 used only therapeutic dosages of all the ingredients in the product. Everything in Carbinator 24/7 has been researched to be effective and safe. While some other products may look cheaper at first comparison, if you compare on an ingredient by ingredient basis, you will see that Carbinator 24/7 comes out as a great deal.

Of course, diet and exercise are really the key to any long term weight loss. Carbinator 24/7 gives you a great boost in your weight loss goals, but you still need to be smart about what you eat and how you exercise.

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