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Who needs to buy Testosterone?

Believe it or not, after all the arguments of males having more testosterone than females it is actually the males who are in the market to buy testosterone, albeit in a secretive manner - they don't want their women folk to know they lack the far fetched belief that they lack the key to their masculinity. The fact is, they really need the stuff if they have entered into a process of Andropause, much akin to the menopause women go through. Patients (and sometimes athletes and body builders) will snoop around trying to get their hands on a pack of testosterone from the neighborhood chemist - but this hormone is not available without a prescription.

Ban caused the price to go up

So why do men, and sometimes women, need to buy testosterone? The answer is simple enough to raise the levels of the hormone they are deficient in. Testosterone deficiency in women causes serious disorders such as mood swings, osteoporosis, and a host of sexual deficiencies. In order to reduce the suffering brought on by the lack of testosterone, they are advised by their doctors to go out and buy testosterone shots or testosterone in any other form to replace the deficient hormone. One can buy testosterone in one of the many forms it is sold in the market. These include testosterone injections, testosterone patches and gels, and testosterone putty or gum. Though this hormone is not sold without a prescription the demand for the testosterone injections has driven the price up in the black market. The use of testosterone for body building and sport training enhancements was banned in the 1940's. The illegal use of the drug may not have been stemmed but the ban certainly pushed the price up through the roof for the person trying to buy testosterone without a prescription.

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When is testosterone therapy important?

Men whose testicles fail to produce the required levels of testosterone will be in the market to buy testosterone for their testosterone replacement therapy. Women into menopause will also do the same. There are diseases such as male breast cancer, hair loss due to testosterone deficiency, Prostrate cancer and the like that have been treated with testosterone therapy. A low level of testosterone will bring on the onset of osteoporosis in males as well as in females. Testosterone therapy will be the answer to such maladies in the body.

Athletes and bodybuilders buy testosterone for a completely different reason. The buy testosterone to build muscle mass and enhance their performance on the field and in competitions. This use of testosterone is of course, illegal and needs to be stopped but the market is thriving with the growing number of people buying testosterone hormones for hormones or just to get a kick out of it. Buy testosterone, there is no reason not to if your doctor does not feel they is, but take the therapy under the doctors expert guidance and care. Never overdose yourself as the after effects are worse than the suffering brought on by the deficiency of the hormone.

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