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Testosterone Therapy - The remedy to many ailments

Testosterone is the culprit that plays many a trick on the body of the adolescent boy or girl. Pubic hair, hair under the armpits, breasts beginning to develop and the primal fear of acne are all the pranks of the hormone testosterone, which can really begin to be a pain in the posterior with all the changes it begins to make in a body at puberty and throughout ones life, but we sure as hell miss it when it is in short supply and run to the doc for testosterone therapy.

Women need testosterone too.

Testosterone is believed to be primarily a male hormone with no place in the female body - nothing can be further from the truth. The female and the male body produce exactly the same hormones, the difference lies only in the quantity of the stuff produced. Male bodies produce twenty times more testosterone female bodies' produce, which is actually three tenths of one milligram of testosterone per day where as men produce, on an average, seven milligrams of testosterone per day. It is believed far and wide that testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and estrogen and progesterone are the female sex hormones, but is it that simple? Certainly not our hormones or the roles they play in our bodies. Some women liberalists might be pleasantly surprised to discover that scientists revealed the ovaries in women are primarily producers of testosterone, though in very minute quantities, the level of testosterone in a women's body is essential to certain functions and a deficiency of the same will demand treatment in the form of testosterone therapy.

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Bad mood? Blame it on Testosterone.

The deficiency of this tiny amount of testosterone in a woman's body can produce many an undesirable result. As they age, women produce less of testosterone. This loss is profound around the time of menopause or when their have to undergo surgical removal of the ovaries resulting in the inducement of surgical menopause. This loss of testosterone results in a loss of energy and a general feeling of lethargy, sensitivity of the nipples and a loss of sexual libido. The other effects of testosterone deficiency include dry skin, moody nature, and loss of muscle tone. The onset of osteoporosis is catalyzed by the absence of testosterone in women. Not all women experience all of these side effects of the absence or deficiency of testosterone but for those who do, theirs always testosterone therapy for both men as well as women. There are many ways to deliver this testosterone therapy - and both have their own advantages as well as risks.

More popularly known as testosterone replacement therapy, there are a few misconceptions of this very helpful medication if it is administered with caution and under skilled medical supervision. Some women who require testosterone therapy go into a state of apprehension expressing fear of growing a beard if they go in for testosterone therapy. These fears arise from the general misconception that testosterone has no place in a woman's body and the therapy is meddling with the natural composition of her body - In fact, there are many pros compared to the cons of testosterone therapy.

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