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Testosterone Injections - Raising hormone levels

Well boys will be boys and the testosterone hormones are primarily to blame. This is because they not have greater levels of the stuff than they actually need, it cannot be so, naturally. However, the real reason can be attributed to the fact that testosterone actually kicks in and begins its life long job as a growth stimulator at the time of puberty. Around this time is where the body actually realizes the presence of this potent hormone of the human body and the behavioral changes begin to make themselves known. This is the peak of testosterones activity and then as the boys grow into men and older the testosterone levels begin to drop and sometimes go lower than they are required to - This calls for testosterone injections as a form of testosterone therapy.

Too much or too little - Testosterone can be one big trouble maker

It comes as no surprise that the levels of testosterone in the body definitely affect our moods and in turn, our behavior. Research has demonstrated that there are testosterone receptors in the brain. This can only logically mean that the brain responds to different levels of testosterone and that testosterone binds with the neurons causing specific actions by the bogy and organs. Experiments with animals have shown that testosterone injections actually increase levels of hostility in the subject. Remove the levels of testosterone and the aggressive nature subsides. Not only does it affect the mentality of the subject receiving the testosterone injections, but testosterone injections also induce physical changes in the body of the recipient. Take for instance, an experiment conducted by scientists in the University of Stanford. They inject female rats with testosterone injections at birth and lo and behold the female rats actually grew male sex organs. As if that was not enough they actually developed the natural instinct that taught them how to use them. This is classic example of the effects of testosterone on the body - in excess or in deficient.

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Take the poke - It's better than the suffering

In men Andropause is the result of diminishing levels of testosterone in the body. This diminishing hormone brings on the onset of a number of maladies difficult to live with such as the loss of libido, impotence, and depression. These symptoms can be so profound that it can alter the very lifestyle and quality of life of a man with the deficiency. These ailments can be controlled by testosterone injections administered at regular intervals under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner. Remember too much of the hormone will cause problems as too little of it will. These testosterone injections are administered at intervals of two weeks and are intramuscular injections. It is common to experience some degree of testosterone deficiency symptoms between doses of the testosterone injections, however this does not call for an increase n the dosage.

Testosterone Injections are just an option - there are other ways

Apart form testosterone injections there are other ways of administering testosterone therapy. These include pressing testosterone putty against the inner cheek in the mouth or holding the putty under the upper teeth against the gum. A gel rubbed onto your lower abdomen is another form of testosterone replacement therapy and a patch applied to your back, abdomen, upper arm or thigh each night is the other form.

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