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Testosterone Boosters - Creating a balance

Being the important growth and development hormone that it is, testosterone can play many tricks on the body of a man - or a woman for that matter. Being produced in the testicles of the male body the testosterone is found in abundance in men. That is, normal men having all the masculine tendencies nature meant them to have, and the natural deficiency of the hormone found in the female body is again a planned intention of the greater divine plan of the almighty from above - mess with this balance of testosterone in the body of man or woman and you are asking for nothing but serious trouble. The deficiency of testosterone is believed to cause effeminate tendencies in men and presence of it in unnatural quantities in women will pass them off for a member of their male companions on earth.

Testosterone Boosters - Making changes in body, mind and soul

This imbalance in females is thought to be unnatural and can only come from testosterone injections taken as therapeutic medication to build up wasting muscle masses, a result of an accident or some other cause. The deficiency of the hormone in a man is caused by multiple reasons. This deficiency may be reversed by a prolonged therapy by a hormone called testosterone boosters. This therapy must be very carefully monitored as excess of the hormone has a lot of undesirable side effect - in the opinion of the doctor that is. For the patient the sudden appearance of biceps and other muscles that were not there before will come as a pleasant surprise. So, while the patient will not mind an over dose of testosterone boosters the doctor will not.

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Now don't be awed at the description of the results of testosterone boosters, the results are not as dramatical as it sounds here. It really takes months of therapy to begin seeing results produced by testosterone boosters, and the doctor is not to be blamed. He or she really may want to produce masculine results in his or her patient and return him to the realms of nature but it has to be a slow and steady journey - you never know, perhaps King Kong was a result of such therapy. Testosterone boosters are very indispensable when it comes to hormone therapy. It is important to follow the therapist's advice to the point and not try any self treatment or medication. Testosterone boosters can really bring about dramatic changes in the body when they do start taking effect.

Testosterone Deficiency begins from the 6th week of conception.

The group of hormones that testosterone belongs to actually begin their life long work in the embryonic stage of man. Actually up to the sixth week of development the embryo is sexless because the growth hormone 'testosterone' has not been produced yet and this is because the testicles of the fetus have simply not produced any. This is a deficiency that can prevail even after birth producing effeminate tendencies in a male such as female mannerisms, high pitched voice and a host of other maladies only a man would feel. Testosterone boosters are the answer to such as situation - though the use of these growth hormones must be highly monitored and supervised.

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