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The growth hormone is a very vital secretion of the pituitary gland located in the brain and is responsible for the regulation of insulin (glucose metabolism), protein synthesis, transportation of amino acids across cell membranes, growth factor-1 (a metabolic liver hormone) and IGF-2. It also has a significant effect on the osteoblast production (bone mass) and fat metabolism while being crucial to promote growth in pre-pubertal children who fail to make sufficient growth hormone and in adults with pituitary disease. Many are the benefits of using HGH age reversal products, with primary ones being a booster for increasing calcium retention, strengthening and increasing the mineralization of bones, increasing muscle mass and bringing about a positive nitrogen balance in the human body when it induces protein synthesis and growth of many different organ systems of the body.

How HGH age reversal products work: fountain of youth formula de-coded

As far as helping prevent aging and retaining the youthful glow of younger years is concerned, the high quality HGH age reversal products are a boon for those wanting to shed those extra kilos (for it's a well-known fact that excess weight makes a person look older than their years due to the added bulk and accompanying health issues with excessive fat tissues) and revive a lighter, more positive frame of body and mind. The ingredients contained in the majority of high quality HGH age reversal products are stimulants of growth hormones that act on fat cells of the users in order to reduce the amount of stored fats, promote protein synthesis in cells and regulate sugar levels in the blood.

By regular and monitored use of HGH age reversal products that are herbal or homeopathic in nature, and thus safer and cheaper than HGH injections, many users have benefited manifold by the miniscule amounts of amino acids and other releasers contained in the HGH age reversal sprays and pills which stimulates the immune system and helps treat skin repair issues effectively. For those in need of gaining body mass too, in case there are issues of limited height gain or under-developed skin and bones dues to insufficient HGH levels, HGH age reversal products help to promote growth and repair of body tissues including the muscles, the skin, and the kidneys so that individuals can gain body mass and look the age they want to.

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HGH therapy for fighting the signs of age is a great, new promise for those in need of a safe, affordable and natural growth hormone supplement that will help them stimulate the pituitary gland to release more of its own growth hormone, which will improves overall health and well-being besides lowering blood pressure, increasing muscle strength and size, reducing cellulite, improving vision, increasing energy levels and endurance not to mention improving bone density; reducing wrinkles and fine lines that give away your age are only skimming the surface comments for a revolutionary new answer that also heightens libido and sexual performance, raises resistance to common illnesses, uplifts moods and lowers cholesterol.

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