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Growth factor 1

We have been introduced to HGH and the role it plays in shaping our lives and development over the years on this planet; we take you now on a discovery of various segments of this all-important substance and how it changes the course of organ functioning and who it helps.

Growth factor 1 and its importance

Also known as IGF-1, growth factor 1 is Insulin like growth factor that is essentially a polypeptide protein hormone, similar in structure to insulin. Various scientifically proven studies have revealed the importance of balanced HGH levels during childhood growth and how HGH balanced levels have anabolic effects in adults too.

In simple terms then, growth factor 1 is comprised of a single chain of seventy amino acids and three intramolecular disulphide bridges; has a recorded weight of 7649 daltons and is produced by the liver produces. Thus, IGF-1 is an endocrine hormone. For the most part (about 98%), growth factor 1 contains either one of the 6 insulin like growth factor binding proteins and balanced output is necessary for optimal performance by IGF-1.

The proper functioning of the growth hormones stimulates the production of growth factor 1, but these levels of IGF are known to get retarded due to under-nutrition, lack of growth hormone receptors, insensitivity of growth hormones or failure of the downstream signaling pathway post GH receptors. These post GH receptors responsible for the possible set-back to functioning properly as a downstream pathway include SHP2 and STAT5b. The importance of growth factor 1 can be best understood as being a binder for other specific IGF receptors existing on many cell types in the numerous other bodily tissues and their signals are transduced by intracellular events, making the growth factor 1 among the most dominant activators of the AKT signaling pathway. This potency of growth factor 1 is what stimulates cell growth and multiplication and inhibits the programmed death of cells.

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The proper production and uninterrupted delivery of the growth factor 1 is essential for total wellbeing status of every person since the majority of body cells are influenced by IGF. Those body cells most affected cells by growth factor 1 and its steady production and streamlined delivery are the muscles, cartilage, bone, liver, nerves, lungs, kidney and skin. So, while it is still imperative to understand that growth factor 1 is crucial to supporting insulin like effects, it is as important to realize the extent of its working scope as being a constant regulator for cell growth and development, particularly the nerve cells and cellular DNA synthesis.

Advantage Human Body: growth factor 1 diagnosis and monitoring

A simple blood test can reveal the amount of growth factor 1 in our body and this is measured in 10-1000 mg/ml amounts; since this level doesn't vary greatly through the day, it is considered a reliable test for measuring IGF1 levels most doctors and physicians, who in turn, inform the individual of either a deficiency or excess of growth hormone.Post result-finding for growth factor 1 levels, comes the considerations to be made for other factors determining next course for treatment, which depends on age, sex and pubertal stage factors in order to come upon the most suitable method for dealing with the health issue at hand; this may vary person to person, but common problems include managing and monitoring levels of growth factor 1 for treating different kinds of pituitary diseases, under-nutrition and medical issues related to growth.

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