Are all CLA Supplements the same?

The previous article - how does CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) burn fat, looked at how CLA can be effective in reducing body fat. In reality, only certain type of CLA have been clinically shown to be effective in reducing body fat. In this article, we look at which CLA supplements are most effective.

Where does the CLA in CLA supplements come from?

Scientist have found that CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) can be extracted from sunflower and safflower oil. Making CLA from sunflower is much cheaper than safflower, this is why most supplements use sunflower oil or a combination of sunflower and safflower oil.

Which is a better source of CLA - sunflower or safflower oil?

Safflower is a much better source of CLA. If you take 1 gram of Sunflower Oil, only about 40% of it will contain active CLA. So, in 1 gram (1,000 mg) of Sunflower oil CLA supplements, you only get 400 mg of CLA.

Safflower oil contains 80% CLA. So, in 1 gram (1,000 mg) of Safflower oil CLA supplements, you get 800 mg of CLA.

Unfortunately, because Sunflower oil is much cheaper than Safflower oil - most companies will try to use Sunflower Oil CLA in their supplements.

Does anyone make a 100% Safflower Oil CLA supplement?

Yes! A company called Tonalin® has a patent on the process of creating CLA from 100% Safflower oil. Tonalin® CLA has 800mg of active CLA per 1,000mg of Safflower oil. For this reason, you wanted to make sure you see the Tonalin® logo...

Tonalin CLA

on any CLA supplement you buy.

Is Tonalin® CLA better for reduction in body fat?

Tonalin® CLA is actually the only CLA that can make fat reduction claims based on clinical studies. The fat reduction studies were done using Tonalin® CLA, so Tonalin® CLA is the only form of CLA that has been clinically shown to help reduce body fat. We are not saying that other forms of CLA will not reduce body fat - it is just that they have not been tested.

If you are looking to duplicate the 9% reduction in body fat and 2% increase lean muscle mass as reported in Am. J. Clin. Nutr., you need to use Tonalin® CLA.

Riddle: When does 1285 = 1000 ?

When you are talking about the confusing world of CLA supplements. Ask anyone how much CLA to take a day and you will usually hear 3 grams. This is for good reason - most of the clinical studies on CLA have used 3 grams a day of CLA.

The problem is that almost all CLA on the market, even the Tonalin® CLA comes in 1,000 mg capsules. At first, this looks right - take 1,000 mg thee times a day and you are getting 3 grams of CLA. The problem is that the 1,000 mg capsule only has 800 mgs of CLA! Remember, even Tonalin® CLA is only 80% active CLA. So, when you see a jar of Tonalin® CLA with 1,000 mg capsules - this is 1,000 mgs of Safflower Oil - not CLA. The jar reads "90 capsules, 30 servings" - but if you follow this you only get 2.4 grams of CLA a day, not the 3 grams used in the clinical studies.

The answer - use a product like CLA XX. Each capsule has 1285 mgs of 100% Tonalin® Safflower oil, which yields a full 1 gram (1,000 mgs) of CLA per serving. The 90 capsule jar will actually yield 30 servings at 3 grams of active CLA per serving.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) has been the subject of over 200 studies. The research shows that CLA can have significant health benefits with basically no side effects. In order to get the full benefits of a CLA supplement we recommend using a supplement that delivers 1 gram of active 100% Tonalin® CLA per serving. In order to get 1 gram of CLA per serving, you need to take a 1285 mg capsule, since Tonalin® CLA is only 80% active CLA. CLA XX is our pick for best CLA supplement.

If you love research, please continue on to our Research on CLA page, where you can find links to over 200 studies done on CLA.

If you are ready to purchase CLA XX, please buy your CLA here.

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