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HGH pills for growth hormone treatment

The use of HGH pills has been around for over two decades now and has increased as a popular and safe measure to deal with the imbalance of HGH levels for the treatment of growth hormone deficiencies.

Let us learn about the uses and effects of HGH pills: how HGH pills now rules the roost over other rapidly acting HGH supplements

HGH is a complex endocrine hormone made up of 190 amino acids. These amino acids are linked in a specific sequence that is secreted by pulses of the pituitary gland, which is situated in the center of the human brain. HGH pills have taken over the function of meeting the body's need for balanced HGH levels that are crucial for optimal body functioning, such as issues related to responsibilities of naturally occurring growth hormone - tissue repair, muscle growth, healing, brain functions, physical health, mental health, bone strength, energy and metabolism. Thus, we find that while during adolescence most people do not need to rely on HGH supplements like HGH pills, as the body produces it in sufficient quantity -HGH production being at peak levels during puberty; after adulthood is upon them, most people's pituitary gland has a reduced capacity of producing HGH to sustain the pressures of everyday living. With declining HGH levels that are a result of the natural aging process, there is a need to restore these vital functions of the body since balanced HGH levels are critical for livelihood and to prevent signs of aging. Here is where HGH pills step in to help the changeover from defects of low HGH levels to controlled, safe and effective maintenance of the same, for those with natural aging diseases and issues as well as children suffering from stunted growth, body builders wanting to improve their bulk, patients recovering from serious injuries (HGH pills help to accelerate wound healing as do HGH injections, but the latter is very costly on long term basis) and others.

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HGH pills versus HGH Injections: brief overview of HGH, nature of supplements, advantages and limitations to using them

While the role of the human growth hormone has been the subject of study for many years now, it was only in 1986 that Eli Lily proved successful in bringing about a new-age, miracle cure for a product that that can affiliate or stimulate the hormone to reverse the signs of aging. Eli found the answer in discovering the identical match of the 191 amino acid hormone, which is biosynthetic in nature, but identical to human growth hormone. Since then, it has been extensively studied and used by athletes, on children with growth issues and even the treatment of adults diagnosed with growth hormone deficiencies.

Many persons opting for HGH therapy are advised by a doctor to seek what is called prescription HGH, which are daily injections needed for this biosynthetic hormone therapy. These are very costly, upwards of $10,000.00 for just one year of therapy, can be painful, have possible side effects (cardiovascular malfunctioning for one) though rapidly show positive results. For those in need of smaller, less potent dosage of HGH, the pills are a smarter and safer choice, as are HGH powders and spray supplements. These HGH pills and supplements are non-prescription, have miniscule though balanced blend of essential amino acids and are available at a fraction of the cost of HGH injections while showing slower, but sure results over a period of 3-6months-minus the side effects.

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