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Bodybuilding Supplements That Increase HGH Naturally And Effectively

Supplements are very popular among bodybuilders because of their ability to yield increased weight and muscle gains. In recent years, HGH (human growth hormone) has become a topic of interest to professional bodybuilders as well as amateur fitness enthusiasts.

What is HGH And How Does It Work?

Human Growth Hormone is a substance that is found naturally within the body from the time of birth. This hormone is responsible for cell reproduction and as the name implies, is also one of the most important hormones to human growth and development.

HGH has an anabolic effect within the body and works by increasing cellular growth rates of many different tissues. HGH helps the body gain muscle tissue as well as grow and maintain cartilage. As you age however, this hormone's production is decreased tremendously. As a result, cartilage and muscle density also decrease with age.

The Medical Uses of HGH

HGH is well known as a powerful substance for bodybuilding, but it is also used in medicine to treat deficiencies of the HGH hormone in children and the elderly. During childhood, poor HGH production can lead to stunted growth. Children that are notably small for their age are often treated with HGH to help them grow at a normal rate.

HGH production decreases with age, but many physicians are now offering HGH to older patients who are not producing enough of the hormone. The results of HGH therapy in older people has yielded impressive results. The hormone decreases wrinkles because of its ability to regrow cartilage and skin tissues. HGH also helps the body repair itself more quickly and gain muscle tissue more easily.

HGH therapy in children or adults with low levels of the hormone has been found to have no adverse effects. Although it has not been found to be dangerous for treating low hormone levels, it is not prescribed to those with normal levels of the hormone. For those who want to naturally increase their HGH levels, common dietary substances can be used to achieve this increase.

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Supplements Used To Naturally Increase HGH Production

No one supplement alone will provide notable increases to HGH production. For the best results, a combination of several supplements should be used. Because of the role it plays in brain function and muscle tone, GABA is one of the supplements that should be included in any HGH boosting effort. In addition to being the primary acid for regulating excitability throughout the nervous system, it has also been shown to increase HGH production in recent studies.

An essential aspect of increasing muscle mass is the body's ability to produce protein. For this very reason, L group amino acids should also be used. Arginine should be supplemented to promote new cellular growth because of its role in building protein . Although it is debated, some research suggests that Arginine also increases natural HGH production in the body.

Lysine is another L group amino acid that should be used to supplement increased HGH production. Lysine not only is essential to building protein, but also plays major roles in the production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes. This makes Lysine one of the most important supplements needed to increase natural HGH production.

Melatonin is another important supplement to add to your HGH boosting regiment. If you've heard that you grow while you sleep, you received accurate information. Melatonin and regular sleep cycles directly effect the levels of HGH produced in the body.

Bodybuilding is challenging and requires a a serious diet and exercise plan to be successful. If you're interested in increasing the HGH production in your body for faster and easier muscle gains, these supplements combined with proper weight training will provide faster and more effective muscle gains. When combined, these supplements promote new cell and tissue growth, brain function, immune system and HGH production. If you're a serious bodybuilder or just like to stay fit, all of these supplements can be used together to build muscle more quickly and effectively.

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