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Best Growth Hormone Supplement

Through the pituitary gland, our body produces human growth hormones (HGH) that aid in the proper function and development of the organs. These hormones contain amino acids important to cell reproduction, recovery and regeneration.

It mainly helps with the following:

  • The strengthening of the bones through calcium retention and improvement of muscle mass
  • The synthesis of protein that affects growth of internal organs
  • The boosting of the immune systems, so that the body is protected against illness and diseases
  • The stimulation of liver and pancreatic function and maintenance

A lack in growth hormones can lead to problems with body development with children and sexual incapacity, as well as metabolism problems among adults, which can further lead to premature aging of the body. While an overgrowth can cause headaches and vision impairment and other physical deficiencies, including a resistance to insulin.

Because hormone growth is unpredictable, using growth hormone supplements is recommended. The most popular option is to take hormone growth injections. But this method is has many risks and is controversially opposed by some quarters. Fortunately, there are safer alternatives to boosting the growth hormones, and one of it is in taking daily supplements.

Listed below are some of what is considered as the best growth hormone supplements:


L-Arginine can be naturally obtained in foods like fish, nuts, chicken and some dairy products. But these are also available through supplements.

This compound aids in the release of ammonia and insulin, which the body needs to flush out regularly. It is effective against migraines, high blood pressure, sexual dysfunction, interstitial cystitis and congenital heart failure. L-Arginine is also helpful in body recovery after surgery, or the improvement of the body's condition during a physical activity, such as when an athlete needs to perform well in a competition.

There are some side effects to this, though, as not every body chemistry is compatible with it. Too much intake may cause bloating, asthma attacks, low blood pressure, indigestion and allergies. Patients with diabetes, or those who have been through a heart attack, or pregnant and nursing women, are advised against intake of this supplement.

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Another type of amino acid, GABA, or the aminobutyric acid, helps with brain activity and the proper functioning of the central nervous system. Use of supplements containing this compound helps with the improvement of one's mood and disposition. But it may also be effective for weight loss, as some studies indicate that this supplement has fat-burning results.

GABA regulates the neurotransmitters of the brain and could influence the human's penchant for addiction to food and other substances. Hence, people with bipolar disorder are actually given GABA supplements to manage their condition. Additionally, GABA is known to help prevent panic attacks and seizures, or reduce the effects of Parkinson's disease among adults.

A major side effect to taking this supplement is that it could interact with the brain's active state and induce sleepiness because of its calming effects.

Lysine & Cysteine

Lysine, or L-lysine, produces carnitine in the body. It's the amino acid that converts fat into energy and aids in lowered cholesterol levels. It's also crucial to calcium absorption, strengthening the bones and tissues better. The lack of this amino acid can cause anemia, fatigue, appetite loss, and the disruption of reproductive functions. Lysine is naturally available in beans and legumes.

Cysteine as a supplement is usually in NAC form and is a powerful antioxidant that works against free radicals. Medical experts believe that this amino acid is helpful against aging, and aids in prevention of heart problems like angina or respiratory problems like ARDS and asthma. Cysteine also helps boost the immune systems.

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