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It is difficult for most people to accept the fact that their body will age. Humans have been seeking ways to retain their youth for many years, but the discovery of the fountain of youth has not yet occurred. Scientists have been experimenting with many different supplements, vitamins and chemicals, as they continue their quest for a way to slow or halt aging. A Canadian university conducted an experiment in which scientists extended the lives of a group of mice by 11 percent. A combination of 30 vitamins and supplements for administered for several years has produced a group of mice which have not shown any signs of aging. Unfortunately, the researchers do not believe the cocktail would work as well in humans.

While the Canadian study and other similar ones can be disappointing to those seeking to retain their youth, there has been some encouraging discoveries surrounding Human Growth Hormone. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and is responsible for helping children grow normally. HGH is secreted at relatively high levels during puberty but slows once the young person matures. Even these lower levels of HGH continue to keep the human body working properly by aiding cellular recovery as the years pass. The hormone levels continue to decrease gradually, and the consequences of age become apparent as the protective effects of HGH diminishes.

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The positive benefits of Human Growth Hormone have been widely promoted within recent years, piquing the interest of anyone wanting to delay the natural effects of aging on their body. Some people have opted for HGH injections, but this method of accessing the benefits of the hormone are quite expensive. Research has also shown injections of a synthetic version of the hormone pose a potential risk for those patients whose HGH levels may become too high.

The aging human body does have the potential to elevate the natural production of HGH with increased anaerobic exercise. Certain supplements in the L-group of amino acids can also stimulate the pituitary gland to produce HGH at higher levels. The human body does not naturally produce this group of essential amino acids, so they must be taken in supplement form or ingested as part of a healthy diet. This group of amino acids includes L-Tyrosine, L-lysine, Arginine, L-Glutaminee, Glutamine and GABA. These supplements do not replace HGH, but are building blocks that help elevate the production of the hormone through regular use.

The elusive fountain of youth still awaits discovery, but the judicious use of exercise and supplements to maintain Human Growth Hormone at a higher level may come close. Research continues to evaluate the positive and negative effects of this potent hormone, and the consensus seems to support naturally increasing HGH levels through exercise and supplement use.

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