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A Detailed Looks at the Key Ingredients of Secretagogue-1:

L Arginine:

Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid. A wealth of literature shows numerous positive effects from Arginine supplementation. Benefits include:

  • Increase in HGH production
  • Improved exercise performance
  • Treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Treatment of male infertility
  • Helpful with erectile dysfunction
  • Treatment of kidney disorders
  • Prevention of cancer cells
  • Acceleration of wound healing
  • Positive immune enhancing effects

While arginine has numerous positive effects, we will focus on its role in increasing HGH levels. Studies have shown that people of all ages may show an increase in HGH levels if they supplement with Arginine. A study done at the University of Turin, Italy showed that even people between the age of 66-82 had a very positive reaction to arginine supplements. Subjects in the study had triple the growth hormone levels over the average for their age group. This is more proof that our pituitary gland is capable of producing high amounts of HGH as we age, it just needs to be stimulated.

Arginine is of even greater value to anyone that works out or exercises regularly. Arginine is one of the three amino acids that make up creatine. By taking arginine, your body is in a better position to produce more creatine. Increased creatine levels have been shown to increase the ATP energy cycle at the muscular level. This allows you to work your muscles harder before you hit the fatigue point.


L-Lysine is an essential amino acid. Think of Arginine and Lysine as peanut butter and jelly - they just work real well together! A 1981 study by Italian researcher A. Isidori, M.D. at the University of Rome found that the combination of 1,200 milligrams of lysine and 1200 milligrams of arginine pyoglutamate in fifteen male volunteers between the ages of fifteen and twenty was ten times more effective than taking arginine alone. According to the researchers, "we could demonstrate that the association of the two amino acids does result in the release of biologically active hormone able to affect peripheral cellular receptors and thus cell growth in general."

Lysine by itself is not a powerful HGH enhancer, but when combined with Arginine it increases the power of the Arginine. In addition, there is evidence that a combination of lysine and arginine may increase thymic hormone secretion in older animals and humans, partially reversing the immunodeficiency of aging.

L Glutamine:

L-Glutamine is a semi-essential amino acid. While glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, there is evidence that taking a glutamine supplement can have positive effects. In a 1995 study by Thomas C. Welboume of Louisiana State University College of Medicine in Shreveport, Welbourne showed that a surprisingly small oral dose of about 2 grams of glutamine raised growth hormone levels more than four times over that of a placebo. Even more exciting, age did not diminish the response at least in this small study of volunteers, who ranged from thirty-two to sixty-four years.

Glutamine also has many positive effects on preventing muscle wasting and increasing general health. High levels of glutamine in the blood translates into greater health as a 1994 study showed. In a survey of thirty-three people over the age of sixty, those at the top of the scale of blood glutamine levels had fewer illnesses, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and were closer to their ideal weights than people at the bottom of the scale in this nutrient. The low-glutamine subjects had higher rates of arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease, while those who were high in glutamine said that they felt great.


Glycine is a nonessential amino acid. Glycine is the simplest amino acid found in the body. Two studies found that this amino acid increased HGH in the serum. In one, 6.75 grams at bedtime caused a three-fold increase, while a Japanese research team showed that 30 grams raised HGH levels ten times over baseline in patients who had gastric surgery. An oral dose of 250 milligrams in normal volunteers also showed a significant, but less pronounced, rise in HGH. They conclude that "the facts demonstrated that glycine is one of the stimulatory agents inducing the pituitary gland to secrete HGH." Glycine has also been found useful in increasing output in exercise workouts.


L-Tyrosine is a conditionally essential amino acid. Tyrosine is an amino acid precursor to epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine, three important brain neurotransmitters involved in mood, mental function and sex drive. The above three neurotransmitters are also believed to have a positive effect in the increase of HGH levels.

Tyrosine is also used by the thyroid gland for the production of Thyroxine, a vital hormone involved in regulating growth, metabolism, skin health and mental state.

GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid):

GABA was designed to help decrease body fat levels and increase lean muscle tissue by stimulating the brain to secrete increased amounts of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). GABA was discovered in 1970, as a synthetic compound capable of passing the blood-brain barrier and useful as an anterior pituitary stimulant. Later studies demonstrated GABA to be a potent neurotransmitter and to be an effective potentiator of secretions of Growth Hormone in athletes.

GABA has been clinically proven to help the pituitary gland to secrete Human Growth Hormone in athletes. A second important role GABA plays for athletes can be seen in its analgesic producing effects. Athletes training and competing using GABA can expect to experience less discomfort and generally exhibit a higher threshold of pain tolerance.

GABA has also been demonstrated to promote more restful sleep, to act as a powerful natural analgesic through its stimulation of the brain's release of endorphins and help to regulate blood pressure.

Pyroglutamate Acid:

Let's face it, as we age we tend to forget things. Pyroglutamate has been show to have a positive effect in counteracting age related memory loss. Pyroglutamate was compared with a placebo in a randomized double-blind trial for assessing its efficacy in treating memory deficits in 40 aged subjects. Twenty subjects were treated with pyroglutamate and 20 with a placebo over a period of 60 days. Memory functions were evaluated at baseline and after 60 days of treatment by means of a battery made up of six memory tasks. The results show that pyroglutamate is effective in improving verbal memory functions in subjects affected by age-related memory decline.

Broad Bean

Broad beans are a natural source of L-dopa. While L-dopa is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body, it is only available by prescription. Dr. Klatz in Grow Young With HGH has this to say about L-dopa - "L-dopa is one of the most effective GH-stimulators in both animals and humans."

Broad bean will not give you as good results as taking pure L-dopa, but it is safer and available without a prescription.

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Delivering the Amino Acids - What separates Secretagogue-1 from the rest of the pack?

All the above ingredients can only be effective if the reach the bloomstream and can trigger the pituitary gland. The problem is that many orally ingested supplements are broken down by the acids in our stomach. Our stomach is digesting the supplements, before they ever reach the bloodstream. Secretagogue-1 combats this stomach digestion problem in two ways.

Effervescent Bicarbonate formula:

Secretagogue-1 is delivered as an effervescent powder. When you mix the Secretagogue-1 in water it fizzes up, much like Alka-Seltzer. This "fizzing" is caused by the bicarbonate in the powder. Bicarbonate helps counter the effects of the stomach acids (why do you think your Mother told you to drink Ginger Ale when you had an upset stomach?). Less stomach acids means more of the amino acids can pass through your stomach and be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Glucose Polymer Matrix

Polymers of all types have been used in recent years to allow delicate molecules to survive a difficult journey. Secretagogue-1 uses a Glucose Polymer to protect the amino acids in the supplement. Basically, this polymer coats the amino acids and allows them to pass through the stomach without being destroyed. This is a key piece of technology that allows Secretagogue-1 to have such a powerful effect.


As you research HGH enhancers you may find some that look like they have the same ingredients as the Secretagogue-1. When comparing that other supplement to Secretagogue-1 you need to ask the following three questions:

  1. Does the supplement use a glucose polymer to deliver the ingredients?
  2. Does the supplement use an effervescent delivery mechanism to combat stomach acids?
  3. Does the supplement contain 5 grams of amino acids?

If you can answer YES to all three questions - then contact us, you may have found a product we would be interested in researching. Our research indicates that many of the popular HGH enhancers contain well below 5 grams of amino acids. While they have the right ingredients, they don't have a large enough quantity.

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